Comfortable heels

I love wearing heels. Preferably high heels, 3 to 4 inch. Wearing them feels like an ultimate expression of my femininity and boosts my confidence. Yet wearing them a full night can make my feet feel tired. That is until I found insoles that distribute the pressure better.

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Before I used to go out en femme, I sometimes dressed up at home. These moments were limited and often I only tried on a dress at night, if my wife was working her night shift. Or at day time if I knew everybody was away. But sometimes things don’t exactly go as you had wished for.

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Social distancing

My heart goes out to those that are fighting the Corona virus, to those that are ill, and those who have lost a family member or a friend. I hope you find support and strength in this difficult time.

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We repeat what we don’t repair

– Christine Langley-Obaugh

My journey

The journey I have gone through to accept I am transgender, has taken me 47 years so far. In this post I would like to break down my path to where I am now, and some phases I have gone through. I have kept things hidden for long, and looking back I should have reached out to others much earlier in life.

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