Biology of gender

A couple of days ago I posted about not getting stuck for yourself at the why, if that is pushing you down. I am thankful however, some very bright people dedicate their lives to figure out how our body works.

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Inhale confidence.

Exhale doubt.

– unknown

Perfect nails

Since I cannot express my feminine side a lot I have been trying different ways to have beautifully polished and styled nails. The downside of many options is that they leave traces. Either you have a hard time removing nail polish or glue if you have applied gel nails.

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It is ok

Today I woke up, feeling a bit emotional. I went to bed late yesterday, but felt good at that time. Somehow something shifted over night and things seem to touch me deeply today.

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Las Vegas

After yesterday’s post on the talk from CiCi, I had to think about my first visit to Las Vegas as Liv. For my work I have been to visit Las Vegas a couple of times before. Around a year after my coming out, I had another opportunity to go there. This time I made sure to pack some dresses, my makeup and heels.

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The hardest thing

My sweet and dear friend Sherri, who is always here for me and helps me so much in my journey, some time ago shared this video with me. A beautiful inspirational talk by CiCi.

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After coming out to my wife, I have been trying to build my courage to tell my parents. Trying to find or create opportunities to tell them about me, whenever I was visiting them.

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In a gentle way, you can shake the world.

– Mahatma Gandhi


This week I had a wonderful conversation with a lovely lady, about being transgender and why we feel the need to express ourselves as the gender opposite of our body or what we have been assigned at birth. I used to struggle with this question of why is it so important for me to express myself as a woman.

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In this period of social distancing, and working from home, I have started with yoga. Every day I do at least one session and I must admit it makes me feel wonderful.

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