Feminine cleavage

As I am not on hormones my breasts are virtually non-existent. Yet when I am expressing myself as Liv I like to have a natural look and ideally some cleavage. I have received many questions on how I do that from sisters and would love to share I create this look.

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Inner Freedom

These two words resonated deeply when a dear friend said them to me nine years ago. It started my journey of opening up to my feelings and process all that I had kept to myself.

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Pride experience

I was watching an interview with Courtney Act yesterday and someone asked her about her first pride experience. It made me think back about mine.

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Be the change you would like to see in the world

– Mahatma Gandhi

How I know

People like to categorize, attach labels to groups with common ideas and believes. I guess it helps us to feel connected to what sets the group apart. Labels helped me to figure what I have been feeling all my life.

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La Traviata

In 2018, about half a year after coming out, I found myself often in chatrooms fro crossdressers and transgenders. It was wonderful to be able to connect with other people on the same journey. One conversation let me to go out to the Opera in Hamburg.

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