Always remember to smile and look up at what you got in life

– Marilyn Monroe


Last week I was part of a beautiful and special moment in the life of two dear friends. I had been invited by them to attent their wedding, which was a delight, and came with a wonderful surpise.


I wanna, I wanna tell the world about it

give a little, give a little something more of me

Show everyone that ever doubted

I got a whole lot of fire left in me

– Jessie J, Brave

My makeup routine

Since my coming out, I have had the opportunity to do multiple photoshoots and makeovers. At these makeovers I learned a lot from the makeup artists about makeup. I love a natural look and want to share a bit more about my makeup routine.

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Be the type of person who leaves a mark,

not a scar.

– unknown

Feminine cleavage

As I am not on hormones my breasts are virtually non-existent. Yet when I am expressing myself as Liv I like to have a natural look and ideally some cleavage. I have received many questions on how I do that from sisters and would love to share I create this look.

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